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Love and romance is the base of existence of mankind. It has changed history and life of lot of people. You may be looking to find some good romantic messages for your love. Here you can find the best romantic messages to send to your love.

Romantic Love Messages

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romantic messages for girlfriend

I am going to steal away the letter U from the alphabets,
because it belongs to me.
I LOVE YOU my dear!

God has given me a wonderful gift,
he has made you mine.
I always thank him for this valuable gift in my life.
Love you my honey!

Humble, genuine, caring, admirable, lovable
these are all the words I use it for describing you
I know these words are very mere and not enough to describe you.
You are a great stuff within yourself!

Romantic Messages For Husband

The relationship and the bond between us
can’t be explained in words.
Words will definitely fail to describe.
I can just simply tell that
you are everything and everything is only YOU!

Anything on this world can take a change over,
but my love towards you is not going to change forever.
I love you all my life!

Life becomes colorful and beautiful
when I am only with you.
Thank you so much for entering into
my life and lifting me to the heights.

You are my superhero and you are my life’s romantic hero
whom I feel proud to possess.
You are my finest gift of God! I love you my hero!

Today is the special day for us to celebrate our love,
affection, care and warmth. We are perfect soul-mates.

My prayer to God would be to make us
the best couple ever and wish to
get all the best things in the world.
You are my lovable pair,
I am enjoying every second of my life with you.

I wish to have all my mornings with your warm hug and sweet kiss.
Your hugs and kisses are loaded with care and affection.

I would like to be the stream of the river
because the stream always stays with the river
wherever it goes and wherever it falls.
I am happy to be your side ever and forever.

You are there for me when I am in my horrible situations,
you are there for me to console me
when I was in desperate situations and you will be there for me whenever
wherever I need you.
I am a gifted person to have you as my gifted husband.

The wisest decision I made in my life is choosing you,
I have made the right choice. Proud and excited to be your wife.

Roses symbolize love and I wish to gift you
all the roses blossomed today under your feet.
You are my sweet and adorable husband!
I love you so my dear!

Without you I cannot think my life on this earth.
My days spin around you.
You are my mentor and you are my life!
Love you to my heart!

I Love You Text Messages

romantic messages for girlfriend
short love messages
i love you message

Every time when I missed you,
I felt the importance of you and the emptiness in my life without you.
It’s a very horrible situation to come across.
I always wanted to be under your warm hugs and kiss my dear.
Your touch, your hug, your kiss make me hang around you.
I admit myself to you for your single smile,
for your warm touch and your sweet kiss.
I am longing to reach you and be with you forever.
Waiting for the moment to come

You are like the candy in my mouth,
melts and spreads its sweetness.
You spread the love and happiness within me and I love the feel to be loved by you.
Love you so much!

I like to continue the journey of my love with you forever;
I wish the journey to start forever and end at never.
I love to be loved by you my sweet heart, I love you so much!

I don’t want to miss your voice,
don’t want to miss your care and love and I don’t want to miss you on the whole,
if I miss these I am going to miss my life.
Please stay with me forever and make me happy.

My heart raises thousands of questions,
why am I missing you, why am I thinking of you,
why am I messaging you and so on, whatever may be the question,
the only answer from me for these many question is I LOVE YOU.

You are not just an ordinary person in my life,
you are more than that, you are my friend,
well-wisher, mentor, and lover,
beyond that you are the person for my life.
I love you so much and I mean it my dear!

We are made for each other
If you were born as a bee??
I would have born as a flower.
You and me and our love
I am happy with that
I love you again and again

You, me and our love,
That is triveni in my life
I love you 100 times
No 1000 times
No million times
I can’t count
This message is only little words
And words can not express my love to you
I love you my dear

When you are with me I am rejoiced
When you are not with me I am rejoiced
just by the Memories you have given me
You are my dream and Happiness

When I think about you I feel happiness
When I see you I feel Happiness
When I touch You I feel Happiness
You are my Happiness and luck

My heart beat for you
My eyes only see you
You are my sweet heart
I am so lucky

When you are with me I am rejoiced
When you are not with me I am rejoiced
just by the Memories you have given me
You are my dream and Happiness

When I think about you I feel happiness
When I see you I feel Happiness
When I touch You I feel Happiness
You are my Happiness and luck

I learnt the meaning of love from you;
you are the best thing given to me by God.
I love you so much and I admire you my honey!
At times I used to wonder how it has happened in my life,
how I met you in my life. The turning point in my life is meeting you.
I care for you and you care for me,
you make everything so easy for me to run my days.
I feel proud and happy to have you as my love.


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